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Celebrating A Woman – Happy Women’s Day 2022

Yes, I’m a girl, a woman, a girlfriend, a partner, a fiancée, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, etc. (Not in any particular order). I’m single or married. I have children or don’t. I’m a five times divorcee or have been married to one man for over 30 years? SO WHAT?

Yes, I’m a woman, beautiful, sexy, confident, intelligent, competent, kind, etc. – I take care of my beauty the way I choose to. I wear or don’t wear makeup. I decide on my hairstyle. I decide on what part of my body to reveal or cover. I wear black or pink, a dress or a suit, a skirt or trousers. SO WHAT?

Yes, I’m a woman, beautiful, sexy, confident, intelligent, competent, kind, etc. – I’m skinny, thick, or fat. I have a flat chest or big boobs. I have a curvy or rectangular body shape. I’m dark or light-skinned. SO WHAT?

The list can go on!

On today’s Women’s Day, I would like to condemn all sorts of verbal attacks on women because of our beauty features, our sexuality, our marital status, our different lifestyles, and many of the choices we make.

Whenever a woman expresses her ideas, political or non-political, some weak minds, instead of challenging her ideas or opinions, attack her womanhood.

1) They publish her nude photos as if she should be ashamed of her beautiful body. – WRONG!

2) They question why she is still single at a certain age as if the ideas she is putting on the table are about marriage or if being single is equivalent to being unworthy. – WRONG!

3) They say her role should only be taking care of her husband or kids as if the expression of political ideas is incompatible with motherhood or being a wife. – WRONG!

4) They come up with all sorts of rumors and fake news about who she shares a bed with, as if she ever said she was not a sexual being, like all well-functioning human beings. – WRONG!

5) They come up with all sorts of rumors and fake news about men who could be supporting her as if she does not have all it takes to stand on her own. – WRONG!

6) They question the color of her nails or her lipstick, the length of her skirt, and the color and texture of her hair as if taking care of her beauty means the brain is necessarily malnourished. – WRONG!

The list can go on…

Do you know what?

They understand she is beautiful, sexy, confident, intelligent, competent, kind, etc. They see it! They smell it! They feel it!
But, they are afraid of the challenge. They are fearful of what she is about to say. They are so scared of her voice. They are afraid of her ability to change whatever she touches. They are worried she might turn things around. So, yes, that’s true; she indeed has that power.

Don’t you agree with her ideas? Then, express yours, discuss the issues at hand, propose solutions, etc. But stop attacking the woman she is because that can only make you look like a loser in her eyes!

She is your sister, friend, partner, wife, mother, grandmother, and all those other women who contributed to making you who you are today.

Now, join me to wish a Happy Women’s Day to all wonderful girls of the world!

My name is Umwagarwa.

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