Drums of Success

10 Steps to Turning Your Creative Potential Into Success

by A. Happy Umwagarwa

About the Book

Many people have the potential to be creative, yet due to the pressures of life and just making a living, stifle their dreams in an effort to survive. Drums of Success provides a clear strategy to tap your creative potential and turn it into success and fulfillment in your life.

Taken from the author’s personal creative journey and professional experience as a human resources strategist and a career coach, the book provides 10 easy steps in turning your creative potential into a successful career. From assessing your personal situation and discovering your mental capabilities to understanding your personality and determining your motivational factors, the manuscript guides you every step of the way.

Learning how to produce creative ideas and objects, and how to avoid “creativity killers” is all part of the steps you will make towards achieving success. Inspired by the author’s perspective on achievement and success, Drums of Success guides you on living a life of purpose and personal fulfillment. The key to achieving your dream, no matter what adversity you may face, is in this book. Grab it!

About the Author

With a Master’s degree in Management from the University of Greenwich, London; she has been, for more than a decade, a Human Resources Strategist in different roles and capacities, for different private and public organizations. Her job involves advising organizations on how to tap into the talents of their employees and, on the other hand, providing guidance and counseling to individuals on their career success.

Happy has always had a passionate interest in studying the link between human resources management and behavioral and organizational psychology. In 2010, she conducted research on the “Criterion Validity of Psychometric Tests Used in Selection and Development of Human Resources.” In 2011, she studied what she titled “Creativity Killers in Manufacturing Companies in East Africa.”

These studies have aroused more curiosity in finding out why people may fail to turn their creative potential into creative ideas and objects. This book is a result of that quest to link how we think, feel and act to our potential to achieve career success. It is drawn from both her own personal creative journey and her professional experience as a Human resources strategist and a career coach.

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