On the occasion of my 41st birthday

© 2020 A. Happy Umwagarwa

All Rights Reserved.

Happy The Loved One

Yes, that’s my name
The Loved one.

The Beauty that threatens the jealous
The Upper that distracts the overzealous
I’m the Joy that chases away the Sadness.
I’m the Light that triumphs the darkness.

Yes, Happy is my name
Papa called me the Loved one.

The brave boys could see beyond my smile
The cowards noticed the nose and took exile
The charming observed the limbs’ prettiness
The gentleman reached to the intimateness.

Coz’ I’m the Loved One
My Papa named me Happy.

Are you too blind to appreciate my elegance?
Don’t be intimidated by my brazen eloquence.
It’s the language of the woman with confidence
I’m the Lady who does not settle in ordinariness.

Yes, because I’m Happy.
Me, the Loved one.

They asked why I walk with such certainty
I told them coz’ I feel nothing but fervidness
Why would they bother when I danced my body?
Have they not grasped I belong to nobody?

Happy is my inner name
The Loved one is my utter.

The insolent guy thought I was a war-torn slip
He called me a Hu before he decided to kiss my lips
Before he forced for a trip into my lady parts?
He knew not all I needed was his ace of hearts.

Coz’ I am the Loved one
And Happy is my name.

Love comes when the body is ready for warmth
When the mind has found its true north
And when the girl has grown into a woman
All she wants is not a man but a real human.
Because Happy is a name.
Given to the Loved one.

Forty is a magic number that comes with nine
But how one year completes it is just so fine.
A mother with little angels that bless her days
A lady whose age signifies the end of life essays.

Because she is Happy
And her name is The Loved One.

Have you ever thought I would one day give up?
No, a grownup never decides to give up
Because she appreciates her worth and dignity
Even when others are threatened by her femininity

Because the Loved one
Has got to be Happy.

A birthday is a celebration of a happy life
The one that is lived beyond being a wife
But fire that burns those who hate faces
Even my beauty that is fine and gracious.

Yes, I’m Happy
And being Loved is my name.

Today I’m wearing my favorite red lipstick
Coz’ I’m sure I’m not on the secret red list
Of those whose poems offend the powerful
Coz’ I’m a simple lady perhaps powerless.

Because the Loved one
Can only be Happy.

Did you know Umwagarwa is the Loved one?
Because my Papa knew I had to hug everyone
He called me Happy so you may guard my joy
Please don’t shut Happy; she’s not to destroy.

Because I’m Happy
The Loved one you should love.

My name is Umwagarwa
I mean Omwagalwa
The Loved one if you like.
I’m Happy.


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